Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tokyo Fashion Week Inspires New Trends

Tokyo Fashion Week is wrapping up now and we a have a fresh new look at some trends that are sure to make a difference. They were showing up in collections of new designers as well as already established ones. Here are the top 5 trends straight from Tokyo Fashion Week runways:

Chunky Knits

Nozomi Ishiguro


Everlasting Sprout


Alice Auaa

Yasutoshi Ezumi


Double Breasted


Fur Fur


Motonari Ono


Johan Ku
Kamishima Chinami


Montari Ono

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~Creatures of the Wind~

While browsing through photos of recent runway shows I came across this magical new designer named Shane Gabier. His 'Creatures of the Wind' label are whimsical and a little odd  at the same time. The Chicago based label has been featured in Vogue. The inspiration for the label infuses two different worlds into one. It is derived from an ancient fabled world of a Celtic fairyland and Shane tries to combine the differences between the worlds by adding different textiles and textures. The story is adapted from an old seventeenth century manuscript which tells the tale of the Celtic fairyland. What comes from this tale is a magical collection of awe inspiring garments with a touch of whimsical beauty to them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Blogs That I'm Loving at the Moment
Refinery 29 is one of my favorite fashion blogs because you can get all of the up to date fashion knowledge from all of the top cities around the U.S. This is the Ultimate fashion source for all of the latest trends, beauty tips, celebrity fashions, and all things fashion straight from the runways. They have fashion polls and lists of styles that you can choose from. This blog is definitely one to check out.
Now this blog is something a little out of the ordinary, but if you need a good laugh then visit regularly. Named Real Men Swear, this Chicago based men's fashion blog pokes fun at all of the new men's fashion trends and has a smart ass comment to go with it. Get ready for some cursing because they lay it on. Hilarious!

 Honey Kennedy has a little bit of everything. There's fashion, food, and house decor. It offers some great looks at new collections, some interesting looking cakes (yumm), and new trends that are appearing in stores. I love visiting this blog to give me fashion inspiration.
Le Fashion is a blog with sex appeal. I love the photos from the latest magazine spreads and fashion shoots. The trends and fashions pictured make you want to reach through the screen and grab them up. Definitely one to check out.
Nitrolicious has all of the latest celebrity and designer finds. It's a very modern look at some of the new trends and popular fashion collections that are sure to make a mark. You can even read about what the new collections will contain, including fabrics and silhouettes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

~Spring Is In The Air~

Spring flowers bring us showers...of great new garments! The inspiration here is from flowers and all of the components of what makes a flower so beautiful. Textures from the plant, pollen, and colors are what spring's new collections are all about. Gorgeous fabrics are created to make these pieces that mimic a flowers natural and delicate beauty. 

Allergic to it or not pollen is a very pretty part of a flower that holds lots of color and has a whimsical appearance. These are some amazing fabrics created with pollen in mind. No sneezing.

Electric colors are what draws your eye to a colorful flower. These fabrics are full of electricity and pizazz. They will make you want to dance.

Flowers have been used in some interesting print combinations here with these fabrics. If you are afraid of wearing prints than pair a printed top with jeans and a blazer or add just one piece to your outfit.

Texture is what brings your garments to life. It is made by pleats and fabric manipulations. Flowers give the perfect visuals for fabric manipulations. These techniques take hours and hours but they are well worth it.